About The Maker Farm


Emily Piper lives in Westford, Massachusetts on the 250 year-old Meadowbrook farm, home of The Maker Farm, with her husband, Eric, her daughter, Cora, their dog, two cats, four ponies, two goat, three sheep, and a flock of hens (and a silly rooster). Emily is living her dream to bring arts, crafts, and farm life to the community.


Before moving to the New England countryside, Emily lived in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and in Chicago, Illinois after graduating from Allegheny College with a BA in Theater. In her professional career, she has taught a myriad of classes and workshops for children and adults including Junkbox Puppetry, Animal Masks, Go Green!, Mural Art, Creative Dramatics and more. She is excited to bring her unique brand of grassroots creative education to Westford families.


Emily has never been content to follow only one dream. Besides being an educator, Emily is also a recycled artist. Her motto is, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Redecorate!” She paints on old chairs, doors and many other unique objects. Her work can be seen everywhere from garden sheds to posh city apartments. She continues to practice painting on all sorts of surfaces and many different subjects from dinosaurs to French fashion.


Finally, Emily is a performer. Emily loves to sing, sing, sing! She sings in class, to the animals on the farm and to her daughter, Cora! She produces concerts locally and has begun a cabaret group for kids.


Meet Emily at The Maker Farm and dive into creativity!