Virtual Summer Theater at The Maker Farm (Aug 10-14)



Location: Zoom
(Going into) Grades: 5-8
August 10-14, 2020
9:00 am – noon
Maker: Christopher Charig
Limit: 20


Campers will bond and perform as we learn how to assemble videos, images, and underscoring into an online performance to share with the Maker Farm Community. The play will be recorded live, using the backdrops of campers’ own homes and the outdoors. Much like rehearsing in real life, campers will work in smaller groups throughout the day, recording themselves as we go. The camp adviser will edit these into a smooth performance outside of camp hours, sharing the results with the students as the camp session progresses. Material will be chosen by campers on the first day of camp. Instruction will be from 9am-noon with guided warm up and improv, time to work and rehearse and recording of material.



  • Computer or Ipad
  • Recording device: smartphone or iPad
  • Zoom
  • A set for recording
  • The students would have to have at least some experience with virtual meetings, vis a vis etiquette, and understand the software enough to run their own recordings. This involves being able to text or email each other links to join online meetings

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