The world is but a canvas to the imagination.

– H E N R Y  D A V I D  T H O R E A U –


The Maker Farm nourishes creativity, imagination and sustainability at its unique location on the historic Meadowbrook Farm in Westford. We believe every person, regardless of age or ability, can be a “maker”. Children and adults are invited to join us in our Farmhouse Studios for craft classes, retreats & workshops; in our Rumphius Recycle Schoolhouse for art and creative play; in our Apple Shed and Potting Shed Gallery for special events; in the Meadowbrook Stable for guided riding; in our Play & Grow Gardens for engaging storytelling; and so much more.

February & April Break Camps (MA & NH) and Summer Camp 2020 registration is now open! We have camps in Westford and Pepperell throughout the summer (plus, a daily mini-bus to and from Pepperell!). We are also taking registrations for Winter & Spring Weekly Classes (Westford & Pepperell locations); booking birthday parties in Pepperell; and hosting Friday ToddlART drop-ins and Adult Craft n’ Sips in Pepperell!

createverb | cre·atekrē-ˈāt

: to produce something new, such as a work of art, by using your talents and imagination.


At The Maker Farm, we guide children and adults alike to open their minds and imaginations to the creative process and become makers.

Kids Birthday Parties Westford

celebrateverb | cel·e·brate |ˈse-lə-ˌbrāt

: to do something special or enjoyable for an important event, occasion, holiday, etc.


At The Maker Farm, we help you plan life’s important celebrations and craft events that match your unique style or imagined themed.


growverb | grow | ˈgrō

: to become better or improved in some way; to become more developed, mature, etc.


At The Maker Farm, our farming and sustainability practices are important elements for nourishing and growing the plants, vegetables, and animals in our gardens, farm and stables.